What’s all the fuss about minimalism?

Minimalism - whats all the fuss

If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss about minimalism is, you’re not alone. But the great thing about minimalism is that less stuff actually equals less fuss.

I’ve recently organized nearly 30 years of “stuff” to move into a smaller apartment and decided it’s time to embrace minimalism. I’m not doing it out of necessity – I’m doing it because I’ve tortured myself for years being a knick-knack collecting neat freak, which makes quite the internal fuss.

I’m going to reframe some common misconceptions about minimalism. If you want to embrace or know more about minimalism, here are three essentials:

  1. Minimalism isn’t living in a box with a gas light

Not only is that super inconvenient, but it’s actually pretty flammable so I wouldn’t recommend it. Minimalism means using the simplest and fewest elements to create the maximum effect.

Tip: Try multi-use items like floor lamps with shelves or doubling your dinner table as a desk. The idea is to maximize quality to minimize quantity.

  1. Minimalism isn’t throwing out things you need

If you use every item in a drawer, there’s no benefit to discarding them. However, if you find yourself rooting through junk for things you need, consider decluttering.

Tip: If you’re unsure about certain items, keep a box of “maybes” in a closet. If they’re untouched in a month, donate them.

  1. Minimalism isn’t a drastic lifestyle change (unless you want it to be)

While organizing my apartment, I rolled my eyes at useless junk like old toilet paper receipts, but also laughed (and even ugly cried) at sentimental items, like letters from my nan in my “memory box.” What I mean to say is minimalism is what you make it – you have to stay true to yourself to be happy with the change.

Tip: Own things that add value, not things that simply take up space.

For now, I’m just discovering what minimalism means to me, what does minimalism mean to you? Let me know in the comments or share your favourite resources.

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