You snooze, you lose: How to break the snooze button habit

Snooze alarm habit

What would you do if you had an extra 2 hours in your day? As a notorious snooze button enthusiast, here’s how I spent mine:

Bedtime routine: Go to sleep at a decent time, set alarm for 7-8 hours later.
Morning routine: Wake up feeling rested, hit snooze every 10 minutes for 1-2 hours.
The result: Get up late, rush to get ready, feel groggier than I did 2 hours previous.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to prevent yourself from hitting the snooze button. Before I share the ultimate tip, I’ll review 3 honourable mentions that worked in the past:

  1. Put your phone (or alarm) in another room

Why it works: This works because when your alarm goes off, you’re forced to get out of bed and into another room to turn it off.

Why it stopped working: I invested in a quality mattress after a car accident injury. Now my bed is so comfortable that I found myself marching right back under the covers, no matter where I put my alarm.

  1. Buy a coffee machine with a timer

Why it works: Science aside, this worked for me because I could smell coffee as soon as I woke up, hear the machine beeping shortly after, and didn’t want to waste a pot of coffee by hitting snooze for hours.

Why it stopped working: As a former barista, I’m constantly switching up my brewing methods. Over the past year I’ve opted for the pour-over or French press methods…which sometimes results in the “instant” method because I’ve hit snooze for so long I don’t have time for luxury.

  1. Download the I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock app

Why it works: You have to complete a task to silence the alarm. I set mine to scan my shampoo bottle barcode, meaning I had to physically get in my shower to shut off the alarm.

Why it stopped working: I once managed to accidentally set an alarm for when I was driving. Since I was unable to find a quick workaround, I had to uninstall the app. Somehow it’s never made its way back onto my phone.

The ultimate tip

While the above tricks had good short-term success, I realized the only way to break this habit was to change my perspective. Recently, The Health Code podcast discussed how everyone has the same number of hours in a day, but “successful” people use those hours wisely. This echoes in my mind any time I reach for the snooze button.

I realized no placement, substance, or app could break my habit. Instead, I remind myself in the morning that I can either waste 2 hours and feel groggy later, or spend that time exercising, making breakfast, or completing a task. What would you choose?

If you have other tips for avoiding the snooze button, let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “You snooze, you lose: How to break the snooze button habit

  1. Sometimes I’ll read the comments under a CBC article to rage-wake myself up in the morning, but that often results in my laying in bed longer while I’m paralyzed with anger.

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